What I learned from the Metamoris Pro Invitational

1) Take out the points and give a longer time limit and you will see some great submission finishes.

2) Keeping it too playful can go too far and put you in a really bad position.

3) Even the boogeyman can be defeated by good technique

3) Arm bars can be escaped from but only when you are in a competition/rolling environment. Faster hip pressure and that arm snaps.

4) Sometimes even World Champions can be sore losers.

5) If Rener Gracie was so badly injured that he could no longer practice jiu jitsu, he definitely has a career in sports/jiu jitsu/MMA commentary.

6) Next time, I’ll wake up early and watch the replays, not the live stream (the time delay between the US and SA is just too much).

All in all a great jiu-jitsu tournament, I am starting to look forward to the next one.

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