2010 and beyond…

2009 was a great jiu jitsu year for me. I attended two awesome black belt seminars, one by Ryron Gracie himself, the other by South African black belt Nicolas Gregoriades. I was tested for (and was awarded at the beginning of this year with) my blue belt and I have trained with some great jiu jitsu people from around the world.

2010 will hopefully bring me towards a greater understanding of myself and my jiu jitsu. I know I still have a lot to learn but I can start seeing the top of the mountain. It might be far away, but from down here the view up there looks awesome.

To start off the year I had planned to post something (again) along the lines of the jiu jitsu mindset. Fortunately for you (and me) the great Ryron Gracie beat me to it. He has written a great article about Ultimate Endurance, which as far as I am concerned completely captures the essence of what Rener referred to in his fightworks podcast as the “Gracie Jiu Jitsu philosophy”.

So read the article and take some time to think about your jiu jitsu and whether you are training for Ultimate Endurance.

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